tips mainly for Houdini

Deform with line

Smoke sim
Do smoke simulation at rest position.
wire sim
Use vellum/wire solver
Deform volume
Deform based on motion of two wires.
Simple deform
Use volume wrangle.
Plug volume to 1st, rest wire to 2nd and animated wire to 3rd input, and then:
(below is not perfect, but it might work enough.)
int prim;
vector uv;
int input = 1;
float dist = xyzdist(input, @P, prim, uv);
vector p1 = primuv(input, "P", prim, uv);
vector p2 = primuv(2, "P", prim, uv);

vector diff = p2 - p1;

@density = volumesample(0, "density", @P - diff);