tips mainly for Houdini


Make two materials in a Material Builder

Export layers from each material

For surface layer, create a "parameter" node, with/without "layerpack" node, make a lyer output and connect it to the "parameter" node.
Set "type" in the parameter node to "Struct" -> "Shder Layer".
Tick "Use Own Export Context".
Set "Export" and "Export in Context" to "Always" and "surface" respectively.
Make this parm invisible.

For displacement, create another "layer pack" and "parameter" nodes, feed P and N to the "layer pack" and set the "parameter"'s parms to the same as above except typing "displace" in "Export in Context"

Feed layers into Layer Mix

You can see "layer" output on the material nodes you made.
Connect the outputs to l"layer mix".
For the surface shading, use "compute lighting" to get surface sader.
For displacement, use "layer unpack" to get "P" and "N".

Add "Shading" parms from Render properties on Edit Rendering Parameters to get right displacement.